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'PR' Cocal Alasco's Belle of Kika


Belle has only been with us for about a year, and she is proving to be a very sweet girl just looking for love.  We hope to begin her show career next year.  Belle is a red and white minature with amber/brown eyes.


Sire: 'PR' Alasco's Inuisert Ut of Kika

Dam: GRCH 'PR' Alasco's Konesco

GRCH 'PR' Skyline's Hawaii Five-O at Kenai

" KONO "

Kono arrived with lots to say.  We have Susie Cain to thank for this little beauty.  She is a black and white toy with blue eyes.  She's is stunning and doing great in the ring.


Sire: GRCH 'PR' AliAk's As Time Goes By Shalimar

Dam: GRCH 'PR' Skyline's Sparkling Celebration

'PR' Foxx's Nigh Raven at Kenai


Raven is a little girl with a wonderful personality and temperament.  We have Sheila Sweet to thank for this little one.  She is a black and white standard with blue eyes and a heart of gold.


Sire: GRCH 'PR' Alasco's Teekon Treasure Foxx

Dam: GRCH 'PR' BBCook/PAKK's Venetian Vixn Foxx

CH 'PR' Kenai's Lava Fox


Sonoma was born right here at KRK.  We think there's something special about this little beauty, she already has the judge's talking. Sonoma is a red and white miniature with amber/brown eyes.


Sire: CH 'PR' Boston's Just Bo of Del Mar

Dam: GRCH 'PR' Alasco's Irish Dream at Kenai

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