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UWPCH GRCH 'PR' Paw Prints Jethro Bodie of Kika



Bodie is a beautiful grey and white standard with blue eyes.  He cames to us from Desarie Fletcher and Andrea Hayes and we can't thank them enough.


Sire:  CH 'PR' Alasco's Tetlin Kona

Dam: CH 'PR' Alasco's Kinapok


CH 'PR' Kenai's Diesel Kai of Kika

" KAI "

Kai was born right here at KRK.  He earned his Championship at only 7-months old!  He is a beautiful black and white miniature double brown-eyed boy.


Sire: CH 'PR' Katiedid's Skys The Limit

Dam: 'PR' Alasco's Shagaluk


CH 'PR' Boston's Just Bo of Del Mar

" BO "

Bo came to us as an adult, and hasn't been here very long.  He is a red and white standard with one blue eye and one parti-eyey (blue/green). He has settled in very well and is a sweet boy.  He's proven himself in the show ring and we have high hopes for him.


Sire: 'PR' Hot's Always Talking Gibberish

Dam: 'PR' Wiebelhusky's The Evil Eyes

'PR' Elysian's Firestorm of Naitok

" ASH "

Ash is the newest addition to the KRK pack.  He is a grand -puppy that has come back home.  He is a red and white standard with green eyes.  He's only just started his show career and we hope to see him excel.


Sire: CH 'PR' Naitok Foxx's Wynn Dago Red

Dam: GRCH 'PR' Kenai's Lil Primadonna of Kika

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